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2018 Chili Cook-Off & Beer Festival

{part of the Humphrey Farm Fall Festival}

Chili Cook Off.jpg

October 27th - Gates Open at 2pm

- NO FEE, submit as many chili recipes as you want 

- Blind Judging

- All forms of chili accepted

- Please submit an application so we know how many tables to rent. 

1st Place: $200 Cash Prize + Trophy

2nd Place: $100 Cash Prize + Trophy

Read the complete Official Chili Cook-Off Rules Below: 

The following rules are to be adhered to by all cook-off cooks, judges and/or assistants:


1. True chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili peppers, various other spices and other ingredients to include beans. Spaghetti, is forbidden.  There will be two categories -

Red Chili and Green Chili.

2. There is NO entry fee.  Contestants may enter more than 1 batch of chili but you must fill in an application for each.  There will be an award for first place, second and third place:

$200 Cash for 1st Place plus a Winner’s Trophy;  $100 trophy for second place.  


 3. All chili is to be brought ready to eat and in containers that can keep the chili at a safe serving temperature at all times, i.e., crock pots, etc.   Check in is at 1pm and all chili samples must be turned in by 2pm.  When you check in you will be given numbered containers for your sample(s).

*Any numbered containers which arrive to the Judging Tent after 2pm will not be judged. 

4. A large central tent will be supplied for all contestants plus a table and two chairs.  Upon check-in, you will be assigned a table and given a sign with your name and entry number for voting purposes.  Contestants are encouraged to decorate the tables in the "Fall Fest" theme. (Table clothes, pumpkins, etc)

Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own utensils related to serving their chili samples the public.  Proper temperature must be maintained at all times while serving.  An electrical outlet will be available for each entry and a crockpot is highly recommended. 

Kits with spoons, cups and napkins for use in serving chili to the general public will be provided.  Condiments will not be provided.  If you would like to supply hot sauce, cheese, onions, jalapeños as part of your tastings - that is your responsibility.  ALL care must be taken that these products are handled and served in a safe and healthy environment.   Contestants are asked to have Hand-Sanitizer on hand for your guests and yourself to use. 


5. Each contestant must cook a minimum of one gallon of chili.  A small portion of this chili will be submitted to the judges and the rest will be for public consumption.


6. The decision of the judges is final. Judging will be based on score cards which are numbered.


-80% of the final tally will be from judges score cards.

- 20% will be from scorecards from “people’s choice.”


7. Each Contestant is responsible for policing and cleaning up their area at the end of the sampling and removing all items from the area.   No items shall be allowed to remain after the close of the Cook-off. 


8. Judging for the Chili Competition will be blind judged (no one knows the identity of the cook) and scorecards will be based on the following six characteristics:

1. Texture: The texture of the meat shall not be tough or mushy

2. Flavor: The chili should have good flavoring and chili pepper taste (not too hot or too mild)

3. Consistency: Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy not too thin or too thick

4. Spice and Taste: Blending of the spices and how well they have permeated the meat

5. Aroma: This will be a personal preference of the judge

6. Color: The submitted chili should look appetizing.


9. There will be a People’s Choice ballot box for people to score the chili placed in the same area as the Chili Booths. Scorecards will be collected at the end of the judging and tallied and that score added to the final tally. 

10. A Chili Competition Official will be walking around at all times to make sure all contestants are complying with safety.  If for any reason, we feel your chili is not safe to serve, or you are not abiding by healthy and safety standards, we will shut your booth down and you will be disqualified from the competition.

11. NO rain date! Rain or Shine.

You can apply ONLINE ONLY HERE!

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