The Great Cupcake Bake-Off


Do You Love Baking?

Do you love cupcakes? 

Then do we have a contest just for you.  Join us at the 1st Annual Bacon, Brew and Music Festival for 

The Great Cupcake Bake-Off


May 4th, 2019. 

There are FOUR Categories.  You can enter one or 

ALL FOUR.  There is NO Entry Fee, but you must

bake at least TWO dozen cupcakes for free sampling. 

There will be a $35 CASH Prize and Trophy for the following categories:

1.) Best Tasting

2.) Best Decorated

3.) Gluten Free

4.) Bacon Themed

There will also be a Trophy for People's Choice.

Here are the rules:

1.) You must fill in an application HERE.

Indicate how many categories you will be submitting cupcakes for. 

2.) ALL Cupcakes must arrive pre-baked and decorated and ready to be judged. You may bring extra sprinkles, etc, to complete the cupcake prior to turn in.

3.) Upon check-in, you will be given a numbered container.

4.) Judging will be blind. The judges will not know who's cupcake belongs to who.

5.) You may enter as many cupcake flavors and designs as desired, but each cupcake must have the minimum two dozen.

6.) A table/space will be provided for you to set up, as well as, small cups and spoons and napkins for the purpose of serving samples. (may be a shared table depending on how many varieties you have entered)  Sanitary serving gloves will also be available.  You may decorate your space as much as you wish.  You are encouraged to bring a small 8x10 sign with your name or business, as applies, and flavor of your cupcake.  You MUST be present to hand out samples to qualify for cash prizes/trophies.

7.) People's Choice Winner will be chosen by votes from the public.  Talk up your cupcake. 

8.) Cupcake judging will begin at 1pm.  All cupcakes must be turned in no later than 12:30pm.  Someone will be around to gather your cupcake submissions. 

9.) The Sampling Tent will open at 1pm also.  Please sample small bite-sized portions to make your cupcakes last. 

10.) The winner and cash/trophies will be announced at The Little Red Barn at 3pm.  Winners need not be present to win, but is highly encouraged.

Please contact us below with any questions or comments.