*weather permitting


Every Wednesday, we will open the farm just for kids. Kids of all ages.

Homeschool, Virtual School - any school. 

We feel kids should have ample opportunities to run and play and socialize and JUST BE KIDS.

Volleyball and Games and Balls and Cornhole Checkers!  We will even have the Cow Train going.

Feel free to bring your own activities too. 

We will have the Snack Shack open or we invite you to bring your own lunches if you prefer. 

The Market Shop and Farm Store will be

open as well.

Come and enjoy a day at the farm with your children.

In the future, we will have more organized events like

Making Homemade Butter and Learning About Bees.


We invite all teachers or anyone interested to contact us in regards to teaching a special class. 

Contact us at